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I often close my eyes and try and remember all the details of my trip to Pakistan in the summer of 2006 with 20 odd friends of mine from Sanawar. What an experience to cross Wagah Border and enter Lahore. Some of my oldest and closest school friends have have had the pleasure of visiting Lahore and being at the receiving end of lahori hospitality!
The warmth with which we were welcomed to Lahore by our lahori hosts is a memory which will forever be etched in our hearts. In punjabi there is a very famous quote that goes like this… Jinhe Lahore ni Dekhiya woh jamiyan hi nahi! One who hasn’t seen Lahore, Has not lived! How true this saying is!
I sometimes worry that my memory is fading away of a trip that was truly once in a lifetime. Way back in 2006 when we were offered to go to Pakistan to visit our sister school in Murree; Lawrence College Ghora Galli, I dont think I could actually absorb what was happening or the depth of it! I took it for granted that we were going to Pakistan! Big Deal! However the fact that it is so much harder today to take such a trip ; makes me realise how lucky we were to experience something of this nature.
I find myself reading our history; watching documentaries and listening to stories of all those affected by partition. It wasn’t meant to be like this. However politicians and governments have a great way of creating a rift and thriving on that rift. Whatever side of the border one might be on; one thing is for sure our countries have been through immense turmoil and upheaval. Our ancestors have fought for freedom on both sides so that we can all grow and live in peace and harmony! Lets work to realise that dream!
Our shared cultural history means we can never really be separate. How can we when our hearts are still connected! I hope and pray that as both our countries celebrate 71 years of independence and enter our 72nd year of freedom we move forward with feelings of love, peace and tolerance for each-other and the vision to grow economically and socially! Happy Independence Day to all!
Signing off while listening to Abida Parveen’s glorious music and lazing around the couch in my Pakistani lawn 😂!

Lots of love always,
Riddhika xx



Hello Hello,

Im sure you’re tired of me, but Im like that handle on Instagram, that is watching everyone’s post, secretly noticing everything and sitting there silently in one corner, not commenting and not hitting the like button yet fully aware of whats happening when and where what is happening! 😀

Ladies and Gentlemen, Wish you a very Happy and Blessed New year too! In this space, there is little or no worry that things might change as time ticks by, because this is my space, my world that I created, so time has a completely different concept here all together.

2018 already. Wow that just sounds so exotic. Even more so because it reminds me of 2009 when I started this blog. I was clearing filling a void. For months I would write my blog and didn’t feel the need to tell anyone I had this avenue to pour down my thoughts. I am not sure if it was Muthu or Farhad who are both very dear friends of mine from college, sneakily discovered that I wrote a blog and had kept it a secret for months prior to being discovered. I suppose I was scared to tell the whole world that I felt way to much, thought way too much and I analysed the minutest details of everyday events. In short I felt scared to announce to the world, that a weird human has arrived and she was not feeling the slightest worry about admitting this to everyone. Last week, my brother; Raqhav passed a comment on me and said Riddhika, you are scared of everything, what is it that you aren’t scared of. Currently, I am holding on to that thought and thinking over it. Ill tell you how I feel about it once I have figured it out.

A few months ago, my dearest Shruti said to me Riddh, ‘How do you do it? How do you act like a complete gangster and open your heart out to the world? How do you share the deepest thoughts that you have with this world? Deep thoughts are sometimes so dark. How do you talk yourself into believing that its ok to talk to everyone about everything?’ She went onto appreciate my courage and how strong she thought I was. However, she got me thinking too. Raqhav and Shruti’s contradicting statements made me realise how you could be a hero to one and a complete zero to the other! Im sure its the story of everyone’s life.Joking. I secretly know Raqhav loves me the most! He better! I am pretty sure I will get messages from my readers telling me how this resonates with them. I shall repeat myself and say; story of everyone’s life!

However,I still asked myself if I honestly thought I overshare what is floating in my mind. Do I have no filter? When I asked myself this question I didn’t get no as an answer an I thoughtI may get. I simply write about what most of us feel, but are to scared to acknowledge, because society wants us to believe that hiding dirt under the carpet makes the place look cleaner. What they don’t teach us in school and college is that acknowledging feelings and talking about the realities of life is what makes us evolve and grow. Where should one go to learn such stuff? How should we change the way we are tuned to think and help our society grow? When will we Young adults learn that we need to get up and start thinking about how to feed our soul the nutrition it craves. Nurturing the soul is the most important need of the hour.

I was blessed enough to begin the year on a very positive note; I attended an evening of meditation and introspection with Sadhguru in Dubai amongst countless number of his followers and believers. He spoke so well. Im in awe of him. How does he just get it? How does he knows what I am feeling? How does he know what I needed answers to. The energy in that room that day when he visited Dubai for his session was just something else. He had everyone glued to their seats with all ears for over 4 hours. He discussed how we lived in the most advanced and comfortable times and how privileged we were as a society to actually live in such times. He kept asking us if we had any doubts about that; and we all replied no. Yet it is in these times that we have started taking our privileges for granted and stopped being grateful and thankful for how wonderful everything really is. Sadhguru reminded us how important and happy one should be to simply wake up every morning. Each morning had to be welcomed with a smile; death is always the destination; but why die today and way before our time. Whether we wanted to die or not; we would die regardless; may as well live a little today and that too with gratitude. Ive never thought about death like that; but when he spoke about it so bluntly I realised how true his words rung with me.

On January 1st, 2018 Nitesh asked me what my resolution is for the coming year. I replied with the customary; Lose weight; Get fit because I genuinely believe a fit body equals a fit mind. However, I’ll add some more resolutions to that list. Live a little more each day; wake up grateful simply to see another morning, smile more and definitely write more, be weird and continue to find innovative ways to feed my soul and encourage you to feed yours! Live well, live holistically and love with all our heart and soul.

For the rest of you who are reading, I look forward to hearing how you are planning to be grateful and how you plan to feed your soul in the coming year!

Just putting it out there… I am running my second 10 kms road run this weekend. Am I prepared? No. Am I scared? yes. Does that mean I will give up and not run? No. I run to feed my soul and face my fear. Even if I finish this run in 2 hours and 59 minutes, my fear will not overpower and bully my mind!

Love and Grace,


Rewinding the birth of a Monster

I hope this blog will be welcomed with your usual smiles, your usual vigour and your usual joie de vivre with which you all, always welcome me into your lives and with the same magnitude of verve,I invite you into my world.

The past few months have been extremely busy, but then again, when is it not busy? I’ve had a very lovely summer, enjoying some beautiful countries,exploring beautiful cities with my entire family and even friends. However,I can only speak for myself, that when I travel, rarely do I really take some time out, switch off and rejuvenate in the true sense of the word. In the midst of all this travel, I have had little or no time to cleanse my soul and revive my spirit. I often ask myself,what use is all this travelling that I am so lucky to be able to undertake, if I can’t even clean my inner being from time to time? None at all. Thats is where I go wrong ever so often.I decided that needed to change.

Over the past few months I have travelled extensively, met wonderful people, seen beautiful sights, and enjoyed scrumptious food from around the world. Yet, after all that travel, I came back home a week and half ago and felt extremely drained. I found it almost criminal to utter the words that I am exhausted.I longed for routine, for balance and for some sort of normalcy in my life. Holidays are all well and good, but at the end of my long summer holiday, I realised I had lost all patience I ever had within me and had become a walking talking monster, ready to growl at anyone who came in front of my eyes.My husband pointed out to me that I was turning into exactly the sort of human being that I detested. Harsh words but so true! I was almost working my way up the ladder of being a bully and god knows best that if there is one thing I dislike, bullies would top that list! I might sound like I am exaggerating just a little, but I promise, I am not. It was bad. Pretty bad. I had lost all focus. All sense of purpose and all sense of a goal. Turning into a monster one step at a time.

My best friend visited me last week and she was stunned to hear me, and my lack of patience in any or every situation. I felt cheated when she didn’t understand my perspective. In hindsight, I am glad she didn’t understand. For that would have meant that she would have allowed my illogical and irrational behaviour to continue for longer. Putting me against the wall at gun point, she reminded me how ungrateful I was sounding. I begged her to understand that it wasn’t first world issues that worried me. However, not being able to give myself any time off from everything, simply drained me. We eventually met halfway on our perspectives, and we came to realise that I feel so susceptible to people’s energy, that every time I come close to a situation that drains me of energy and leaves me disappointed for why humans behave the way they do, I feel lost, and as though I am walking without direction .Do you ever feel like that dear reader? I feel like one must hold on to every genuine person one finds. Our generation has so many people driven by money, ego and status. As a result, good souls are ruined daily. It is so important that we hold our head high and be conscious and willing to only connect ourselves with pure energy.

Over the last week, I have found myself doing things that allow me to put my mind and energy into things that I truly find more meaningful. Looking after my home, my husband, listening to a lot of music, reading books again, talking less and trying to listen more, working out, doing things that make me happy from within. Focusing on building a more wholesome and fruitful life, rather than a life driven by factors that have little or no meaning for me. I have tried to take some time off, to invest in myself again and by sharing this post, I do hope that on days when you feel lost and exhausted like me, you too will invest yourself into doing things that are both therapeutic and healing to your very essence and your soul.

Last week, I stumbled upon an image, an old friend of mine posted to Facebook, where Yogi Bhajan says, “If you are willing to look at another person’s behaviour towards you as a reflection of the state of their relationship with themselves rather than a statement about your value as a person, then you will, over a period of time cease to react at all.” I have never felt more at peace about people and their illogical and irrational behaviour than I did post reading this. I hope you will find solace in these words too.

I recently met a few friends for drinks, and half way through the evening, one of my friend’s friend mentioned to me, how much she enjoyed reading my blogs, and that when I post a picture on Instagram, she looked forward to the words that flow in my caption rather than the photograph itself. To say that I was touched would be an understatement.I was overwhelmed. I am always humbled by the love that some of you shower on me. I started blogging way before blogging was the ‘in’ thing! I didn’t even know how to tell people what a blog was when I started blogging about 7 years ago. Times have changed considerably in the blogging world, but nothing has changed here; the aim is still to express and to occasionally know that someone out there is touched by my words and that my writing makes some difference. Thank you ever so much. Your love and your appreciation reminds me to attempt to write even when I least feel like doing so. My readers, thank you for being one of the avenues that I find most therapeutic investing my time in.

Until next time, stay blessed and stay true to yourself.

Love and grace,



Many of you will wonder where I have been, what I have been up to and why I have not stayed connected for such a long time. I have officially blocked a lot of my feelings out in the last few months. I speak much lesser, I express much lesser and I have basically created my own little world in my own little planet within the realms of my head. Why you all may ask have I done this and I honestly have little or no answer to any of those questions. Im just glad you have waited and stepped into my world yet again to know whats going on and how things are.I am well, and things are good. Life has a way of teaching you how to make lemonade because it knows your being thrown lemons at constantly. For each and every human who has thrown a lemon at me, Thank you, I am enjoying the lemonade and so unnerved by most of it, if not all of it.

Time is a wonderful healer they say. Time has a beautiful way to remind us of what matters and what does not. What is here to stay and what will soon pass.Time is a beautiful reminder of how we really should try and enjoy the lighter moments of life of how each moment is slowly preparing us for what lies ahead. To be stronger and more grounded human beings with our feet firmly stuck to the ground, standing by beliefs that make you the human that you are and sets you apart from the crowd.

I have lived in Dubai since I was a year old. A very long time. When I moved here, my parents were still married to each other. A part of my memory bag has faint and blurred memories of what it felt like to have them both be around me together. Years later, when they separated, my memories of Dubai and our life changed. Times have changed now, I am married and my parents are friends. They are more family to each other now, then they probably were back when they were married. When we get to the weekend in Dubai and Friday comes around,one very clear memory constantly nudges me at the back of my mind; of those years long gone by. Every Friday morning just around the time we could hear the call for prayers, Dad would come around to our place and come pick us up for the day. This was a court order, so that we could spend quality time with him over the weekend. Our days would be filled with goodies, lovely long lunches, visits to Magic Planet at The Deira City Centre( which was the newest and fanciest Mall during that time)and anything else that our heart desired.As we would approach sunset, it would slowly near the time to go back to our mothers home. We felt and received a lot of love wherever we went. Yet all a child wants is to see stability. Those were tough times at a young age. That was a long time ago. Yet every Friday till today, as soon as I hear the call for Friday Prayers at the Masjid close to our home, I am reminded of those days, when things were not as easy and as relaxed. Time has a way of reminding us of where we came from, where we are and how much there is left to explore.Our life has changed so much since then, but one thing has remained constant, we never forgot to appreciate how beautiful and blessed life has been and continues to be at each and every stage thereafter.

Recently I have heard myself narrate this story to my husband Nitesh over a 100 times, and I often ask myself why I repeat this story so often and then I realise its got such deeply embedded emotions within me. Circumstances,conversations and people have a way of leaving lasting impressions in your life.

I constantly seem to bump into individuals who are so ungrateful for the lives they lead, the conversations they engage in and the ego battles they fight with the deamons they harbour within themselves.I wonder why I manage to surround myself with such humans again and again, and then I push those thoughts away and remind myself, that at a Karmic level, spiritual level and mental level, far far behind, and on a different part of the wheel of life. I try and remind myself that there is still so much knowledge for these humans yet to grasp, that it will be a while before one can hope for change in this universe.

Life has so much to offer, and if only we understand how important it is to treat a human as a human and not an object, will we head towards making our world more organic, less toxic and as distasteful as it has now become. I don’t always get appreciated for the way I think. I don’t always follow norms and I don’t want to. I choose to follow a path of kindness, and my religion and my upbringing tells me that if humans cannot treat another human right, simply because they enjoy ego games, then I am not going to be party to such acts.I don’t want to surround myself with such energies.

Soon enough, one has to realise that we were born to bloom, then why whither away under the shadows of an egoistic being.

Until Next time,

Love, Grace, and positivity


From ‘I’ to ‘We’ 

As I sit here trying to write my blog for the nth time in the last few months. I am greeted with a blank mind which refuses to budge. I have felt this emotion at various points of my life, so I believe that there is still hope. I may just be able to write again as I have done so in the past. It is difficult to express feelings about a time period so beautiful yet so complex in a few hundred words. However today I have promised myself that I will share snippets of my journey. Whatever little I can and how ever much I can. I have a commitment to those who ardently read and follow the blog. Countless attempts have been made to pour my thoughts out into this virtual world that I have slowly come to think of as my sanctuary, my sacred space. However, these efforts have been to no avail.  How should I explain to you dear reader that marriage is perhaps the most overwhelming step I have taken  in my life. Everyone said it would be that way, yet it is only when one feels and lives the emotion for themselves, does one realize just how overwhelming it truly is. 

Nitesh and I met through our closest friends and our romance has been every bit the fairy tale I have wished for  since I was a young girl. We were engaged exactly 3 weeks from the the day we believe we fell for each other! If my god would have asked me to describe the sort of human being, I would have liked to marry, Perhaps I would not have been able to describe the man he blessed me with. Nitesh turned out to be a combination of so many things that seem like the ying to my yang. However, please do not confuse him to be a perfect human being. He is just a wonderful human being who is perfect for me 🙂

Our families were thrilled to celebrate the coming together of the two of us. I suppose we truly celebrate the coming together of two souls in our country. It’s an event that we look forward to and plan years in advance. Marriage is a sacred commitment to most of us.  A commitment we choose to enter into and choose to respect and honour every day from the day we are tied into that bond. It’s an overwhelming feeling when it’s all playing out in front of you and perhaps even more  overwhelming post the wedding and once the festivities end. 
Nitesh and I often joke with our friends, that  try and avoid streching your courtship when you decide to get married. To us, our courtship was filled with moments  of tension and stress in the midst of all the happiness. Despite being engaged, it takes all your positivity and patience, to not lose your patience with each other and continuing to keep the spark alive. Please do not get me wrong when I express this view, however we often consume ourselves with conversations and situations that aren’t important and perhaps aren’t relevant at that particular point of our lives. Yet technology allows us so much access to one and another that confusion prevails sooner rather than later.  While I loved how many bouquets of flowers my courtship was filled with, I dislike how much stress as bride and groom we took on our plate  simple because of just how much we had planned or had visualized in our mind for the wedding. Part of the issue today is that we want what the other person next to us has and perhaps want something better as well ! Creating stress for ourselves in general. It takes a lot to keep reminding yourself that you must want a marriage that is truly more beautiful and more grand than your wedding. 

 However all that anxiety fades away as soon as your life events unfold in front of you.  The excitement is such a special feeling. The wedding felt like my moment of being on top of the world with the person who made everything in life worth living for. Yet nobody told me that every high must follow with a low of its own kind; so on and so forth. 
Post the wedding, I remember sitting as a new bride in a room filled with people who were laughing and chatting and despite all of that, I felt lonely and isolated. Was it normal to feel this way I sometimes asked myself?  I never voiced this feeling , simply because I have never been made to feel anything but  warmly welcomed and loved in my new home. I suppose, leaving behind your parents, your siblings and your home is a depressing and difficult step which no girl can avoid. However, I reminded myself of the things my mother would speak to me about during the years before I was to get married and I recall her breaking it down for me and explain to me that when you enter a new home, if you are making a change in your own life, then the next person or family too is changing themselves and their surroundings to welcome you into their zone, their home and their family. The idea was to constantly remind myself that I could not surround myself and my thoughts with purely my own list of adjustments and changes  and I always had to remember to look carefully at the bigger picture. 

Every time I felt lonely because of the longing for what was known and felt like home, I reminded myself of the first day I walked into our home as a new bride.  On February 5th, 2016; a day after my wedding my Inlaws planned the most memorable Welcoming ceremony for me. I was made to feel so wanted, so loved and extremely special.  A dozen baskets were filled with flowers and  each member of the family joined in and showered me with a dozen  flowers to welcome me as I took my steps towards my new life. Every time I feel lonely, I think of that day, and the love and warmth with which they all brought me home with. When that memory is refreshed in my mind, my promise to myself to love them all, becomes even more firm. I reinstate the promise I made to myself  that I will always shower them with even more respect than I already give them. I was taught that if you give love, you get love and if you respect people, they too in turn will respect you for that gesture and I have never thought of that to be more true than now.  
I truly believe that life can feel like a bed of roses, depending on who you choose to walk the path with and those you choose to journey with. 

Sometimes I question myself about when this human being whom I now call my husband walked into my life and became such an integral part of it?  When did my love for him grow so strong? When did we become so close that all that was once his and mine individually has grown into the feeling of being ours together. Our joys, ours sorrows, our happiness and most importantly our family. 
You see dear reader, we humans are such softies at heart. We are designed in a way that we can love with all our heart and soul and with that love, bonds are developed. The home that once seemed like someone else’s is slowly feeling like my own. 

Despite the fact that it’s been 6 months since the wedding already, it feels like only yesterday when we were all engulfed in the thick of wedding planning. Our conversations were consumed by our excitement of what the decor would look like, how the cards would be designed, venues, music, artists, and designers whose clothes we were excited to flaunt. It seems like all of it happened in a blur. Along the way we made so many friends. With vendors who have helped  execute our ideas and visualisations into reality. I feel blessed and so happy when I meet someone who was a part of our journey of planning what was perhaps one of the most important day of our lives. We have shared moments of a time that will forever remain close to my heart. You all know who you are and I cannot thank you enough for being a part of our excitement, our fears and our happiness in celebrating this occasion. A lot of you have started to feel like family! 

Coming to family; Mamma and Papa- Thank you. No matter what I may say, words fall short to express an emotion so deep for all the love and affection with which you have brought me up and with which you got me married. I love you and I am truly blessed to be your daughter. I would not have had it any other way . Raghav, for being the rockstar brother who handled everything with such patience and humility on the days of the wedding. Monisha Massi and Arvind Uncle for being my second parents through and through, for getting me married from Sainik Farms and for always loving me the way you both do. My two Bhua’s, my phuphaji’s and my four wonderful cousins; Nikhil, Aditya, Kabir and Kabeer for being there through and through. 

My Inlaws; for believing that I would be able to tread this path that NJ and I have chosen to walk on. For supporting me through the change and for welcoming me with arms wide open. My sister in laws; Neha Di and Nidhi Di for being friends first and then sisters. For helping me through the whole process of settling into my new home. Truly no fun without the two of you! Last but not the least, my dearest Husband Nitesh; for believing that Ours was the puzzle that would fit just right.  None of this joy would be possible without you! 

As I live each day of being married, I realize that I have taken up a life long profession. My profession entails that each day, I look at the brighter side of life, look at the good rather than the bad, add humor to a tense situation and create an environment which will perhaps negate all of life’s irritants along the way. My job is to create a home and the learning of how to do that comes from everyday experiences! This job has perhaps taught me the greatest amount of patience and appreciation of life in general! 

Why this post you may ask. Why did I choose to share my story yet again with an audience that are strangers to me yet with whom my bond has been as long and deep since the birth of this blog. Someone once said to me that no one posts a picture of themselves crying on facebook, no one shares a moment of feeling vulnerable and emotional on a public forum. The world that we have created around us is one where we share our happiness and our exaggerated moments or highs, yet very few share real life snippets and experiences that perhaps at some stage may help us and give us strength to take the right steps in the right direction.  This is just my way of reaching out to young girls like myself who are perhaps already dealing with such emotions or may do so in the near future.  

Until next time… However many months it may take! 
Yours Lovingly, 

That Girl

I’ve been wearing a Chuda; a set of Red Bangles usually worn by newly wedded brides in Northern India for about 3 and a half months now. The number of days a girl can choose to wear the chuda varies from 40 days and can also be worn right up to the end of the first year of marriage. It really depends on the girl, the boy and perhaps the two families involved. At least I hope that is the usual case.
Its been 3.5 months since I have been married and I think it would be okay for me to say, that my chuda and I have come to develop a bond. After All, it takes great effort to wear a set of bangles and not be able to remove them, while continuing to find the logic, joy and thought behind this ancient tradition.
I was recently reading an article on a popular wedding website. Its a pandora Box for brides to be. Some amazing advice packed in cyber space. The article discussed how all the traditions in India were primarily expected to be followed by Women. It expressed utter disgust at the fact that a newly wedded bride was expected to wear a chuda, perhaps on some occasions, even wear the mangal sutra and sindoor and other small such indicators that silently spelt it out to the world that the girl was no longer a girl but a married women. Fair enough. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and hence I set out to express my own.
Here are some of my observations about the tradition that I have tried to follow to the best of my ability and along the way faced my own set of issues with.
I am a modern girl, who was brought up in Dubai and educated at a boarding school in India and then further sent to University in The United Kingdom. I studied world Politics and worked with a Private Bank. I am also a proud Indian who was married following both Hindu practices as well as Jain rituals. I am traditional where I would like to be and Modern and practical when I need to be.
I mingle with educated people and yet in so many instances I have been looked down upon because I have chosen to follow a custom that I thought was important to follow and was of some significance to my family and myself.
I keep thinking of why my chuda is special to me and what I have learnt by wearing it this long. The first thing that comes to my mind is the word Patience. My chuda has annoyed me on so many occasions after all waking up to bangle marks on your face is no fun. Yet I had to try and smile everyday when I would see my face. Sweating in Delhi heat with a dozen bangles too is no fun; yet I had to keep my patience while wearing them and not let small irritants come in the way of making my day as glorious as it could possibly be. After all doesn’t life throw many more irritants our way and we have to deal with them come what may. Keep calm, and carry on with your chuda was my logic. Marriage itself requires so much patience and I kid you not; I truly believe that my chuda was part of this learning curve in my life.However what I do find appalling is that while so many people talk about the expectations on women to look married… There is a huge population in our country that openly look down upon people like myself who decide to follow a tradition. Do I not even have the right to choose what I think is important and follow that custom? On many occasions, I felt like simply because I was wearing a chuda I just wasn’t cool enough for the society we live in.
I am so grateful for inlaws, sister in laws and a husband who despite not having the tradition of a chuda ceremony fully supported my desire to wear one for as long as my heart desired.
I definitely thought we were above the age where peer pressure crept kept in.Little did I know it becomes societal pressure soon enough.
We see actresses like Priety Zinta rock their chuda and we think it looks stunning. We see Kareena Kapoor Khan a hindu punjabi married to a muslim man wear sindoor and the tabloids call it hot and classy. However when an ordinary Indian girl decides to follow traditions, we think its ok to pick on them; call them uneducated and naive, and maybe even a bhenji. The most shocking part of this whole thing is that the majority of the people who engage in such conversations are girls itself.
Give yourselves and your mind a break. Engage in more important things and maybe even rethink what you truly stand for!Traditions are good for you! Don’t blindly follow people. Set your own trend and think them through for yourself and try not to force your opinion down on someone else and typecast people.
I am modern and yet I am traditional and no one else gets to decide who I am
apart from myself.

Hi Sexy!

In loving memory of my dearest Nani. May you rest in eternal peace. We Love you and miss you terribly.

As I sit back comfortably and begin to type out this blog post, I am surrounded by the sound of birds chirping, the river flowing, singing a song in its sweet melody and nature that takes my breath away every single time I stop to look around.

Im in Kullu. In my maternal home and as our grandparents once said their gift to their grand children. Blessed would be the correct word for a gift as beautiful as this and a legacy as emotional and memorable as this. Many happy and sad moments have been spent in this house in Kullu. My earliest memory being from the time we returned from Dubai to live in Kullu, immediately after my grand fathers demise. That was in August 1994. Times in between then and now have been a mix of extremely happy and extremely traumatic and difficult times.

Through it all only one thing remain constant and the love for whom and from whom only grew in plenty. Our beloved nani.

On Monday, September 28th, 2015 she too passed away and moved on to the next chapter. Our idea and thought of the constant has now changed. The pillar of strength suddenly gone. I find our family looking lost, and confused. It is normal and natural I am told. At Least she went away peacefully. But why must she go is my question? Why couldn’t we have her with us a little longer? I get no reply.

All of 5 ft and a few extra inches here and there, Sneh Prabha Mehra was definitely a force to reckon with. Chaar Bhaiyon ki Ek Behen! ( One sister to 4 brothers) She was so brave and so strong! My nani was a tough cookie. She did her MA and B Ed to become a Hindi teacher, heading in a direction which would soon become her life long passion. She married my grandfather in her mid 20’s, at a time when such an age was considered slightly older than the usual norm. She learnt how to drive a car, and it is with great pride that I can now say she probably drove herself somewhere till 2 days before she passed away. She knew her mind and hated being dependant on anyone. She always told us that she wanted to pass away in Kullu. Kullu to her was home. Its where she was happiest. Little did we know that she would take us by surprise, and do exactly that.

Words fail me at a time when all I want to do is pour my heart about what nani meant to us. How she looked after us as little children. Her habit of waking up at 5 am every single day! Her lovely mathis and the yummiest shakar paaras. All gone away to soon. Her detailed explanations to any questions Raghav and I may have asked. Her infectious laughter and the way she would pipe up and say “Don’t Tell me Riddhu!” When I told her a story or an instance she could hardly believe! And the way she would later say “I tell you” whilst narrating one of her stories! Oh Nani, You left us a
Little too soon. I still had so many stories to share with you!

Who is going to tell my children how their mother and great grandmother braved the floods in 1995 in Kullu Valley. Or make everyone laugh about stories from a time when I was so thin that my school skirt almost fell down in class!
Who will walk into my room before the wedding and ask my make up artist to put on a little rouge and Kajal! Nani, you ditcher!! You left us all too soon.

I always thought your daughters were so brave. Managing everything on their own. It didn’t quite strike me, that their mother was a step ahead. Living alone in Kullu, with such dignity! Only a strong lady like you could have done it. Whilst cleaning out your cupboards, I sat with mamma and Massi in your room. I couldn’t help but remember the times when we would sit in the same room and you would get angry with me whilst teaching me. You would then use your index finger to hit me on my knuckles! Nani, It didn’t hurt when you did that to me, but I knew that was as far as you could let your temper get the better of you. Your small Little fingers trying to hurt me on my knuckles! What a sight!

How beautiful you looked on my engagement Nani! In your beautiful sage green suit, and braided hair bun! I knew you liked Nitesh and were happy to see me happy.I wish I had hugged you a little more that day.

As we clean the house, we find every corner of it flooded with photographs from various times of all our lives! You held on to each memory so beautifully! Thank you dear nani. For Everything. For no matter how much I may say, it will always be too little.

We are blessed to be your grand children! Blessed that I in particular got to spend maximum time with you! You will always be our sweet special choti si nani. I realise that your with us, and you look over us all the time, maybe not in the physical but constantly embracing us in your loving care and guidance.

You look after yourself and enjoy that much awaited date with Nanu!

To anyone who is reading the blog today, I have only one message for you. Grandparents are just too special. They are the first people one learns unconditional and selfless love from. The bond you could possibly share with your grandparents is very different than the one you may share with any other human being. Their time here is quite limited.. So pick up the phone, ask them how their day was or whats happening.. And maybe even call them Sexy..!

I have attached the link to one of my nani’s favourite ghazal Aye Jazba E Dil- Nayyara Noor . I do hope you all enjoy it as much as she enjoyed singing it.

With fond and precious memories,


Riddhika, Aditya, Raghav and Kabir

Dancing to the rhythm of Life..

Traditions are something I am proud of and something I personally enjoy putting in an effort to keep them alive and kicking. I think I have inherited this trait from my mother. She loves keeping traditions alive and puts in a lot of effort to ensure we do things as they were done by our grandparents years ago.  The birthday (prelude) post has become a tradition of some sorts in the few years since I started the blog, and I enjoy reflecting on my year whilst writing the customary post! Although the birthday is still two weeks away, its amazing how quickly another year has almost passed by and with it  brought so many wonderful memories and some not so wonderful experiences as well. I would like to believe that I am becoming wiser but I highly doubt it!  The only wisdom I think I have attained this year, is the wisdom tooth tucked away in the right corner of my mouth. A slight throb in my lower jaw, constantly reminding me that wisdom is a painful experience no matter what!

Its amazing how quickly time seems to be flying! I know that my best friends will be upset when they read the blog..and say your not old Riddhika! But I will say it anyway…The second half of the 20’s is a scary ride to be on.Its like the drop whilst on a roller coaster..you know it will eventually come along, but one is so anxious to face it!

The highlight of the last year would undoubtedly be, having my brother back home with us. I think I may have learnt how to live with him finally. We have become friends now, and we have at last cross the phase of competing; for attention, for love and over our egos! Its quite a nice feeling. My mom, Dad, Raghav and I spent some happy times in Dubai this year! Our cousins from America visited us and we spent some good time together! Our annual trip to Kullu to my grandmothers house was as always filled with a whole lot of fun, good food, long walks and lots of card sessions! We are now looking forward to being with our Dad’s side of the family in Goa later this month! Should be madness!

Apart from that, the two best friends are finally engaged, which has been very exciting. I think my feet still hurt from all the dancing at their engagement parties! I don’t know how I will survive their weddings later this year.  Seeing two of your closest friends finally find their partners is such an overwhelming experience! Its really nice when their partners in turn become part of the circle and part of all the fun! Family and friend circle growing larger indeed.

Personally, I think I have done half of what I had set out to do, but I think any progress is good progress. Slightly more confident in speaking my mind and allowing people to not walk all over me this year. Experiences teache you to value yourself more. I enrolled myself in a hot yoga challenge and completed 14 consecutive days of Bikram Yoga in November. I think that was a true test of my willpower! I wanted to give up so many times, but I stuck it out and I am very glad I did. It helped me calm down immensely in my practice.  My happiest moment is perhaps having completed both the Dubai Holding women’s 5 km run and the Standard Chartered 10 km run in the last one year! I have never felt happier than I did crossing the line on those two particular days. I’ve set my mind to training for the half marathon for the next season!

Thanks to a few very special individuals, I realized that my blogs reached far more people than I had ever imagined they would. I was encouraged to write often, and I appreciate the constant support and encouragement I get for my writing. You know who you all are, and I can never thank you enough for just being a part of my life.  Its extremely kind for you all to take time out of your day and spare a few minutes to dive into my world. All of it makes me believe that there must have been a greater purpose for me to have started this blog in the first place. It truly is my sanctuary in the midst of all the chaos.

I think the wisdom tooth brought in some wise thoughts into my mind..I decided that I needed to do lots more classes, learn so much more from what life had to offer , and in general engage my mind far more than I did. I was introduced to a program by a  former colleague from Barclays called The Rhythm of Life.  A 12 day program which incorporated a few breathing exercises , meditation and a few talks on how to effectively set a faulty system back into place. Lack of time, commitment to a program as long, and general lack of will power contributed to my excuse for delaying something of this nature. With Ramadan on in Dubai, I decided that there was no better opportunity to invest into myself then the holy month. So I set out to attend the introductory session on a friday evening… That in itself is hardcore for me! To put in the effort to go somewhere on  a holiday..takes effort! 😀 So you can just about imagine my josh! So impressed was I , that within the first 10 minutes of the session, I had mentally decided that this was it, I had to do this program, and gain some perspective.

Led by Guruji; Sanjeev Krishnan, Rhythm Yoga Centre is a wonderful learning space, for anyone who would like to get back into the Rhythm of Life as the name rightly suggests! Over a course of 12 days, we learnt some wonderful breathing techniques, yogic postures to relieve some common ailments, and were reminded of  life’s most basic and simple ideas yet the most important ones. Its almost hard to explain the whole program to you in a nutshell, but all I would say is that if you have lost your zeal for life somewhere or you need some fresh perspective and take on things, ROL is a wonderful program to help you get that back!

While our sessions were held for two hours each evening during the week, on one of the days during the weekend, we were expected to be at the centre at 5:30 am, and hit the beach by 6 am. It felt bizarre to be doing something like that, but I am so glad I did. The weather didn’t dull our spirits for a second! We played a few games on the beach to break the ice amongst fellow students and in the process completely let go of any inhibitions that we may have had. This was followed by a wonderful breakfast at the centre itself and then a session on learning how to meditate.

I’m sure many of you think that meditating is so simple and hardly something that you need to learn, however, I do think its a very important concept that needs to be introduced to people in the correct manner. The person teaching you how to meditate has to  do so in an informed manner; with the ability to tackle countless questions, and be open to it.

Guruji, was kind, and patient and went through the whole process extremely well; leaving very happy students behind.

You may ask what changed for me in the physical during the 12 days of the program, the answer to that would be nothing! Issues remain just as they were! However, my perspective on them changed. Mentally and emotionally its made me more aware, and more conscious about the thoughts that would plague my mind, and the emotions and reactions I felt when situations were out of my control. As we were taught, I was expecting someone else to die, whilst drinking poison myself. During the program I decided to to just accept my realities just as they were and let it go, finally feeling lighter in the midst of a lot of turmoil within.

Its such a strange thing, that halfway through the program, most of us had started to feel bad that our time together was ending. We had almost grown into a family sitting together each evening sharing our concerns and our dreams to rise above murky waters as the lotus does.

I have been lucky to have made some wonderful friends during the duration of this course and I cannot thank them enough, for being a part of my journey. Perhaps, there would not have been so much learning if it were any other way. I feel very blessed!

Thank you to everyone who has blessed me in the last year, none of it would have been possible without your support. Its all the love and blessings that help you sail through the tough times!

I think i can finally say this with confidence; I am ready for you 26 !

With infinite gratitude and love,



“Let there be spaces in your togetherness, And let the winds of the heavens dance between you. Love one another but make not a bond of love: Let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls. Fill each other’s cup but drink not from one cup. Give one another of your bread but eat not from the same loaf. Sing and dance together and be joyous, but let each one of you be alone, Even as the strings of a lute are alone though they quiver with the same music. Give your hearts, but not into each other’s keeping. For only the hand of Life can contain your hearts. And stand together, yet not too near together: For the pillars of the temple stand apart, And the oak tree and the cypress grow not in each other’s shadow.”

Khalil Gibran, The Prophet

Between Blurred Lines

Dear Reader,

I hope this blog post finds you well. I am as well as well can be 🙂

This evening a friend of mine sent me a photograph of his new-born niece. This little girl was perhaps the purest soul I had laid eyes on. For me, this rule applies to all babies regardless of gender. Babies are gods own. Pure in the true form of the word. My friend said to me, “Riddhika, she has redefined life for me by her birth.” I could have only imagined the emotion. Must have been such a beautiful feeling for the family into whose lives, divine light had entered in the form of this angel. So much so that sitting miles away simply the sight of her had brought tears to my eyes.

I wished for her to turn into a beautiful young women both on the physical as well as from within, and to always remember her worth in a world that will constantly tell her otherwise.  Whilst I typed these words out, I questioned myself as to why I would have emphasized the importance of self-worth for a soul so new to this world. So pure, and untouched.  Perhaps, a subconscious emotion had brought back memories of a reality deeply engrained into the minds of most women today.

I would like to discuss a matter of importance with you dear reader. So sit back, relax and grab that cup of green tea, or coffee whilst you hear me speak my heart out to you today.

A few weeks ago, I posted a picture of my self on my Instagram account and wrote beneath it, that if there was one thing I could change about myself, It would perhaps be the the ability to love myself and be more accepting of the way I am made. Of being comfortable with being a Punjabi girl with enough and more flesh on me! I wish we had been taught self love in school. It is a constant effort to remember to love, accept and be comfortable in your own skin. To this comment, I received some heart warming messages from friends from all over the world, reminding me that it was our soul that was beautiful and we just so happened to be gorgeous on the outside too. To remember  to always and forever keep that soul pure!

Our society doesn’t allow us to believe these thoughts for too long though. Our conscious mind is flooded with advertising campaigns portraying the perfect women as one who is perfectly shaped and looks glamorous at any hour of the day. We have started to believe that we aren’t perfect and we soon begin to see ourselves as imperfect. Without realizing that it is in this imperfection, that real beauty truly lies.

With myriad thoughts still floating in my head, I suddenly remembered about a wonderful initiative I had read about months ago. The subject matter of the organization in discussion reminded me of the far greater issues that the world faced, and how losing my strength to move forward in life, in the face of life ordinary issues, was no longer an option.

Make Love not Scars( MLNS) is an organization founded by a young girl by the name of Ria Sharma from Delhi, India. The organization focuses on  helping acid survivor victims come back into main stream society. The organization looks after the well being of existing survivors that actually want to move on with their lives. These women have ambitions and dreams that they are unable to conquer, simply because despite their own belief that they are worthy, society refuses to give them that chance. Rehabilitation is extremely hard, as India is not yet equipped to deal with the battle of disfigurement. The survivors want to learn skills and then put those skills to use by obtaining employment but society doesn’t let that happen with ease. They question and they taunt, they blame the victim and they stare and in the process they diminish any self-confidence the survivor had gathered being locked up behind closed doors for years to begin with.

MLNS focuses on bringing back these young girls into main stream society and reminding each and every one of us, that our beauty lies within us. To respect and honor that beauty, and never let that pure soul that we were born with fade in the face of these obstacles.

As women, we are blessed with the ability to bring life into this world, to bear pain beyond imagination, and to take our society forward. It is our duty to ourselves to remember our worth despite everything that we may see or be told on the physical.

I promised Ria at Make Love not Scars a special blog post highlighting her organization’s work a long time ago. I never ended up writing it, perhaps because I wasn’t connecting with the emotion at that stage. This little baby’s  photograph stirred countless emotions within me that made me wish for every girl child  to remember their worth in a world that will constantly tell them otherwise , for every women to remember the strengths that she was endowed with, and for each one of us to move forward in life, regardless of what life throws at us.

Please go support a cause that requires a lot of attention in India. Support the cause of empowering women worldwide to believe that true beauty lies in imperfection..

Leaving you with a song which seems apt to the mood of this post. I hope you enjoy listening to it. Louise Armstrong- What a wonderful World.

Thank you Baby A for the inspiration to write again. You don’t even know what a great cause you have helped highlight on your second day in this world. May you spread joy, happiness and inspiration in every life that you touch.

Be grateful for life as you live it, and may a wonderful light guide you on the unfolding road..

Until next time,

Love and light,


Read more about MLNS and their work and how you can support it by clicking on the link below.

Make Love not Scars- Website


Make Love not Scars –  Facebook Page